Holiday Card Photos 2018


December is finally here and I cannot believe how fast it arrived ! We’ve been decking just about every corner of our new little space for the holiday season and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It’s fun decorating a new space and we wanted it to feel extra cozy. So I’ll be sharing the finishing touches on here soon. 

Over the weekend Kevin and I had our wonderful friend stop by to help us with our idea for our holiday card. We’ve been sending one out every year since we moved to NYC and look forward to receiving all the mail this month from family & friends. I usually designate a little spot to hang the cards now that most are photos cards ! This year we knew we wanted to not just incorporate a holiday theme but also as a life update. At first I was going to do this right away, but then held off.  

Kevin thinks we’re probably the last people on earth mailing holiday or new year cards, but I disagree! I look forward to coming up with what we’ll do each year. This year was a little more close to home, but in the past we’ve found some great spots around the city for our photos. This is ours from last year as we celebrated our first married Christmas!


This year the front of our card will be more traditional and the back is playful as our “we moved” announcement.

We created our photos through Shutterfly and I’ve been pleased with them in years passed and their shipping is free and arrives fast. They always have a great special going on and if you need a promo code, use this one for 50% off or a free 8x8” photo book! CODE: X4DU-A7Y8-R28G-KMCJGX. Minted is also another great spot for cards!

I’ve shared mine and Kevin’s outfit details in the widget below.

Hope everyone’s December is off to a great start!  


Cold Shoulder Dress exploring Siena, Italy

If you haven't noticed yet I'm continuing to cover my recent trip to Europe where I spent most of July traveling. Hope you're not sick of it, because there's so many photos and looks to cover!  I definitely get a little camera crazy, but who wouldn't when theres so many photo worthy places we stumbled upon in our adventures exploring.

These photos were taken during my time in Siena, Italy. Siena is located in central Tuscany and is one of the oldest medieval cities still functioning today with traditions like "Il Palio" The annual summer horse race between the contradas. I'm hooked on this unique culture, because in 2009 I lived and studied in Siena. This started my passion for travel and opened my eyes to other cultures. I couldn't have chosen a more beautiful place and was blessed with the best Italian host mother whom I had the privilege of reuniting with again! The 55th reunion took place over 5 days and it was amazing to be back to my little home and see some familiar welcoming faces. 

These photos were some of my favorite from a day where we explored the oldest and remote area of Siena, tucked behind winding roads before the rest of the city was later developed. And of course I had a little fun with someone's moped. And no I didn't take it for a spin. I've worn this dress before and it was the perfect light weight outfit for a lunch out filled with lots of walking. 

I'll be sharing more photos from my stop to Siena as soon as I get my travel section up and running. Enjoy!


My Outfit Details:

Dress: Loft (sold out) similar looks here and here, Sandals: Dolce Vita, Straw Tote found here, also loving this option,  Bag tassels: MISA, Sunglasses: Loft, Lipstick: MAC (in color snob)

More photos to come, stay tuned for my travel section to see the full round up of my exploring in Siena, Italy!