Designer-Like Jewelry for Less & Organization


Like most woman, I too enjoy having a few nice pieces of jewelry in my armoire collection that are significant to me in a personal way. Whether it be for anniversaries, a personal celebration, or graduation I love collecting or investing in some higher end pieces that will last over time. It’s always the meaning of the jewelry that brings me back to whom gave it to me and why, that’s the most important.

I also know some days I love having a stack of bracelets that I don’t mind wearing out to work, errands, orm tossing in my bag while at the gym and not having to worry about what happens if they were to get lost or misplaced. I’m guilty of taking off my jewelry and putting it in a secret hiding spot for safe keeping to only realize, I forgot where I placed it. Anyone else do this? This is a habit I’ve inherited from my mom, but with some new ways of organizing my jewelry I’ve gotten better at staying organized and making sure everything has it’s place. Another important part of my jewelry is making sure I can see it! Sure, sometimes I use jewelry bags to keep certain pieces from tarnishing, but overall I like to see what it is I have when styling something together. I’m always in a rush, so having my pieces in a way I can view them is important to me. For this reason I put my costume casual jewelry in acrylic cosmetic drawers like these.

For this post I thought I’d share some of the affordable jewelry & accessories I’ve found from Amazon and The Styled Collection that are at generous price points and are a dupe for a more expensive version. Some I’ve had for a year and they do wear well as long as you take good care of them and don’t get them wet with water or soap. If you like the David Yurman style a lot of them have that braided wire look or a cuff design. I’m someone who likes to mix my nicer pieces with budget friendly finds and have no shame in that. If it looks great paired together, it works for me!

At the end of this post be sure to click through the widget for some great organization tools for storing and displaying jewelry. Whether it’s on your bed side table, a closet shelf, or in an armoire you need a way to keep those necklaces laying flat for travel. I’ve tried a ton of traveling jewelry cases over the years and go back to some of my original ones time after time that work well. I also love the acrylic drawers that are easy to see everything. I use these for jewelry and cosmetics storage. Find a system that works for you and stick with it! Is there a method you use that would recommend? Please share it with me!

Amazon Like-Designer Pieces


Oval Link Bracelet

Cable Bracelet

Horse shoe clasp bracelet

Twisted Cable Ring


Watch Wrist Band

Designer inspired Hermes

LOVE Bracelet

Jewelry Storage & Organization


LB Off the Shoulder Romper

Our first stop on this summer's European vacation started off in Lago di Como, aka Lake Como, Italy. Having lived in Italy in 2009 and traveled through most major cities over the years I was  thrilled to explore the lake region, and it is absolutely breath taking from every corner! The perfect calm and tranquil retreat with lots to see, and of course eat! We stayed in the small town of Canedabbia across from Bellagio.

We loved how accessible it was to explore the lake region by the ferries. This first stop on our trip will always be a special one for me. It was beautiful shooting in this picturesque place, especially exploring around an old family villa where we toured the sprawling gardens and mansion. It was at this Villa Carlotta Kevin proposed on the highest balcony overlooking the lake. It truly felt like such a fairy tale ending to a perfect summer day and we couldn't be happier! 


More details on our engagement and staying in lake como soon to follow in travel.

More details on our engagement and staying in lake como soon to follow in travel.

Outfit Details: Romper: Loft (sold out, similar here) love this Pant version | Hat:           Nordstrom | Purse: Zara (on sale, sold out similar bag) splurge: Chloe version Sandals: Dolce Vita past season love this tassel version Bracelets: Loft (turquoise set) & Bauble Bar, past season, colorful tassels here! | Sunglasses: Loft