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Colleen Marie Colors of Colleen

Hi, I'm Colleen and I'm passionate about all things, artful, against the grain, and feminine that ignites the soul in the simplest ways. If you're looking for a daily dose of "self care" for the mind and body through all things fabulous you've stumbled upon the right place. An uptown NYC girl, with a suburban girl next door heart, I love to travel and enjoy adventures In style. I've chosen to use my first passion as an art teacher and art therapist to inspire this space to honoring my love for fashion, art, and travel. My interest in fashion and travel was inspired from my early days of walking clumsily through my grandmothers feathered , oversized heels, then living in Italy during college.

I marveled at "mi madre" walking through cobblestone streets in the highest of heels, to cooking the most delicious recipes from her garden.  Somewhere along the way I became motivated to document and share these loves, while staying humble to my career of teaching and helping others through the creative process. 

I see the world as my canvas and I love trying different mediums to see the reality I can create.

I hope you enjoy the journey!


Colleen Marie